When we are thinking about a limo we picture in our mind a fancy stretched car but few people think about the driver and the life behind the wheel. This article is all about the limousine driver and tips on what makes a good limo driver.

You should know that when you are a limousine driver you are doing more than just taking passengers from one street to another. You have to know the traffic and all the shortcuts in town. You must be skillful enough to avoid traffic jams or accidents and get the client to the destination fast without any problems. Being a limo driver means you will take the passenger and drive him/her in style, to their destination.

Besides being a skillful driver you must also be a people’s person. The clients must feel at ease with you. This means you have to be respectful and serve the client well. You must also be compassionate and be eager to please the client. Imagine a person who just came out of the airport after traveling for 20 hours. The person is tired and maybe a bit cranky. You must do everything you can to accommodate the client. If the customer is angry, you must find ways to calm her/him down and make them relax. You are not only driving the car but also making sure that the passenger is feeling comfortable riding your limo. If you do not have the right people’s skills, then the work is for nothing. If the client did not feel comfortable in your limo, he will not book you again.

Also, when you have been booked for a special occasion like a promo or a birthday party, you need to know how to maintain a good atmosphere of joy. You must take care of the passenger, listen to them and serving them well. Your job ends when the passenger is leaving the car. When the passenger is inside, you are responsible for his well being both physically and mentally. Always remember that small gestures have a big impact on people.

In addition, you have to be very punctual. You do not want to show up late. Sometimes, if you are late, clients can quit on you and they will get a refund. You do not want to be late when it comes to special events. Just imagine how it would be if you were late to take the bride to her wedding. The client booked you and the limo so that nothing will go wrong, they booked you because you are a specialist and you are never late.

The best scenario, if you are late, is no tips. But the worst scenario is the boss will fire you. There are special occasions like a bad weather or traffic, that are taken into consideration and you will not be held accountable for. On the other hand, if your clients are late, you must not act rude. You have to ask them politely about the reason.

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