Myth: Running the air conditioning can put a lot of stress on your car and can reduce the life of your car.

Truth: Waaayyy back when, that was decidedly true. Today, it doesn’t hurt a thing. Enjoy the cool air.

Myth: Using the parking brake is a bad idea, particularly if the car is hit while parked.

Truth: Using the parking brake is a good idea; it protects the transmission if the car is bumped while in park. Use of the the parking brake keeps the brake cables and related parts from seizing and on some vehicles use of the parking brake is necessary to adjust the rear disc brakes

Myth: Fuel additives should be used as a preventative, or to boost performance.

Truth: To boost performance, No. For preventive maintenance, absolutely. Make sure to follow recommended dosages, more is not better.

Remember without respect to maintenance any part of any vehicle can fail at any time without warning


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