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Marketing communication channels serve as the link between the user and your website. This is what brings engagement and traffic to your website.

While Email marketing, social media channels, mobile app notifications are great marketing platforms, a new technology has emerged which has taken the marketing industry by storm.

Yes, I am talking about Web Push notifications.

Chrome push notifications are instant, real time messages which any website can send to its subscribers. These notifications are delivered irrespective of whether the user is on your website or not. They just have to be logged in their Chrome browsers to receive these messages.

Web push notifications have proved to offer the best results in terms of opt-in rates and click through rates as compared to any other any marketing communication channel.

There are numerous reasons which can convince you to implement web push notifications on your website.

The number one reason being that they are easy to set up for both the webmasters and your users.

Implementing chrome web push notifications is a 2 step affair:

  1. Opt in: As soon as the visitor comes on the website, he is prompted an opt-in asking for permission to send him web push notifications.
  1. Send Notifications: when the user clicks on “Allow”, he/she is added to the website’s subscribers list. Now that you have subscribers to your website, you can send your first web push notification.

How to make your website push ready?

Again, as I mentioned above, it’s a very simple process.

All you have to do is signup with Notifyfox for free.

As you soon as you signup your website with Notifyfox, a unique JavaScript code is generated.

Copy-paste this code in the HTML tag of your website. When you do this, the triggered popup will start showing to your visitors.

You are now all set to send your first web push notifications.

The next steps would be:

  1. Create a catchy title for the blog/content you want to share
  2. Create an engaging description for the above title
  3. Add the URL of the blog/content you want to send
  4. Add an interesting icon to go with the notification

Hit “Send”. This is it.

Now that your web push notification has gone, sit back and enjoy the amazing results (click through rates)

Hope this helps.

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