Melbourne airport is a small yet very popular airport due to its very close location to Manhattan. It serves only domestic air traffic coming from USA and Canada. You may think that it’s small and there would be few flights and less people landing here but you would be wrong. It’s a major hub for American airlines, US airways and Delta airlines. A huge number of people are entertained by this airport each year. To ease up waiting time the airport has restaurants, hotels, banking outlets, food courts, information desks etc. People waiting for their flights could keep themselves busy in shopping areas but the people arriving especially after long flights aren’t really in the mood of another wait before they get to their destination. They need transportation and the choice is either a livery cab which is expensive or the more readily available cheap Melbourne taxi service. Cheap camping car Iceland service will not be a burden on your pocket and it will get you straight to your door steps. Before you get into a cheap Melbourne and Dandenong taxi you should know a few things about them.

Taxi fare

Cheap airport transfers Melbourne fare is fixed if you have to go to Manhattan from the airport. It is $16 to $27 depending upon the time of travel i.e. in rush hours from 4 pm to 8 pm the traffic congestion is high and taxi drivers charge more. There are pre fixed rates for traveling to other airports such as John F Kennedy airport or Newark airport without any additional surcharges. But if you have to go to a destination in any of the five boroughs of New York other than any airport, you will be charged by using a taxi meter. The meter usually starts at $2.5 and for each 1/5th of a mile $0.4 is added to the fare. If you are crossing the bridge/tunnels or driving on taxed roads the toll will be added to your fare and is separate from the meter reading. Rush hour and late night taxi surcharges are also applicable. To bring down rates on cheap Melbourne airport taxi you can make a deal that you have to stop at this and this location. If you travel to each point in a separate taxi you will pay a lot more than a single cab which will wait for you as well as take you to every point you told the driver keeping the rates minimal. You can have 3 passengers and luggage in the cab. If you travel in a group you can further reduce the cost per head by sharing the fare of cheap Melbourne taxi.

Don’t forget

A few things that you should know about cheap Melbourne airport taxi drivers is that they are by law bound to take you to any destination within the five boroughs of New York without questioning the distance. If it’s just a couple of miles they still cannot refuse. You can right down the medallion number and call TLC that is the taxi and limousines commission which registers all taxis and livery cabs. Another good reason for noting down the medallion number of cheap airport taxi driver’s cab and keeping the receipt safe is that if you forget something in the back seat of the taxi you will be able to recover it. According to Taxi Passengers rights bill the drivers have to provide you a smoke, noise free ride and a clean cabin. Know your rights otherwise you won’t be able to put a check on cheap Melbourne taxi drivers who don’t respect passenger’s wishes. New York City has something for every body regardless of money they are pocketing and to get there they can opt for cheap airport taxi. People like to travel in-person without anyone interfering in there business. It keeps their mind off all other passengers in congested buses or subways while having a sense of safety for themselves and their belongings. They are relaxed yet get transported cheaply in taxi services in Melbourne as compared to livery cabs.

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