The Fiat 500L measures 4.14 meters long and can accommodate five adult passengers comfortably. Come to Spain in October with a price of 15,000 euros and good equipment. The Fiat 500L will arrive in Spain in October with a price of 15,000 euros, although it is defined. But do not think it’s a Fiat 500 with a couple of doors. The 500L uses the platform of the Fiat Punto (which is 8 cm less), but suitably modified for this car, and shares some parts with some of his brothers, at first glance you’re faced with the peculiar hand brake Fiat Panda.

With a length of 4.14 meters, is the family member of the larger Fiat 500. Incorporates the spirit of the 600 Multipla, adapted to changing times. For example, Fiat say they can go six feet three adults in the rear end without wanting to pull one out the door (and up). Maybe it’s exaggerating a bit, but the truth is that I could share seat with two other colleagues and ‘thing’ did not seem so bad. In addition, sidewalks move longitudinally about 100 mm and the backrests can be reclined to make a trip easier.

Inside, the Fiat 500L, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2012, you are surprised by the spaciousness that is, above all in the head. Furthermore, it is optional to mount a large sunroof (1.5 meters long) which is probably the largest in its category (you can cover somewhere between B and C segment … or even both). Also a few surprises, such as the 22 holes to keep things from all over the cabin. Certainly it is difficult to find more than one use, but for example the double glove box in the dashboard help. The area of ??the center console is dominated by a five-inch touch screen that is standard and from which you can follow the advice of the Eco Drive: with it you can save up to 16 percent of fuel, which is nothing wrong.

As the Fiat 500L grows in size relative to the standard Fiat 500, the luggage space increases. It has three configurations depending on how you put the mobile base. So, you can cube 343 liters or 400, but if you take forward the driver’s seat back and cast down all others, you stay with a capacity of 1,310 liters and a maximum depth of 2.4 meters.

At the time of its launch, the 500L will have contained a range of finishes. Thus, those who register on the website of Fiat will have access to a first printing of 2,000 units of Fiat 500L Opening Edition. It remains to define the standard equipment, but sure to be generous. Furthermore, in the mark ensure that customers pay interest only 20% of the equipment.

As for engines, initially there will be two petrol and one diesel. The first is a 1.4 16 valve Fire family that offers 95 hp. Is the most basic and has no ‘start-stop’, but complies with Euro 6. The other petrol model will debut at the Fiat 500L. This is the evolution of 0.9 TwinAir. With only two-cylinder engine delivers 105 hp and a much more refined performance than the 85 hp model. Finally, the JTD engine is perhaps the most interesting of the range. With 85 bhp, 1.3 Multijet II takes over the 75 hp version. But weighing 1,300 kilos, can not be said to be an ideal model, but because it uses more low-end torque, it is the most pleasant to use.


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