One of the finest things in life worth owning are fine automobiles from those pedigreed marques, whether new or restored vintages. Unfortunately, this is not something anyone can do unless there’s some fortune stashed somewhere like a bank, inheritance estate or a huge executive pay reserved to presidents and chairmen of large companies. The government has a fleet of those bulletproof limousines and SUVs but unless you’re a dignitary, a Parliamentarian, or a family member of one, you won’t get to ride on them.

For the less financially blessed peasants out there, they can either save up or rent one of those dream prestige cars once in a while. Special occasions in one’s life can warrant renting of them to get you in style on the road on your way to a party or event. A Rolls Royce Phantom, a Benz Maybach or a Bentley Arnage figure prominently as dream cars for many.

You can drool on a Phantom ridden by the character Tony Stark in the Iron Man movie. Or fantasize on the any of those favorite Ferrari FXX of Eight-time world champion Michael Schumacher. Or feast your eyes on the world fastest car, the Bugatti Veyron. Even if you can afford it, you’d be standing in line for up to a year waiting to have it delivered. The Ferrari FXX won’t even be delivered to your place as it is reserved only to your name. You can ride one but only when you’re in Italy.

The lesser prestige cars are quite common on the roads though. You have those Porsches and BMWs. Most Ferraris are likewise a common sight. Lamborghinis as well. Once can only drool and dream when any of these pass by your parked SUV. But that doesn’t mean you can enjoy one. There are rolls royce car hire sydney companies that can have them at your disposal for a song. But only for an hour or two, or the song becomes a symphony.

For special occasions that require your presence in a tuxedo, your everyday SUV or family compact car won’t punctuate the event for you. Better have a chauffeured Bentley or Benz reserved to pick you up on the appointed time. Looking your best on those special rare moments not only means looking good but also means being seen getting out of any of those prestige cars. Renting a limousine is perhaps the closest you can do and the cheapest. Just make sure the car doesn’t carry the sign AVIS to give it away.

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