Shanghai Car rental overview

China’s economy has been booming from some time now and it seems that the traffic in Shanghai has become more and more crowded. The traffic is dense and that happens during the peak hours. This means that your driving techniques have to be very good, especially if you take the car out during the busiest hours. One of the best things you can do in the city is rent a car as it will give you the freedom that you need.

Regulations for renting a car

If you want to rent a car in Shanghai and drive it, then you need a driver’s license. You should know that international driver’s licenses are not recognized on China’s land and you must apply for the local one. This is the documentation that you must provide:
– the passport and entry visa

– the residence Permit that is valid for at least 3 months

– the current national drivers license which must be valid

– a certificate of physical examination which you get in public hospitals

The complete process is made of a written examination and it will take you about 3 hours to complete. The Chinese speakers will have a bilingual interpreter which will assist them with the document completion and translation. After getting the driver’s license you can go to the rental company and get a car.

There you will need to show the passport, the driving license and a credit card. You are also able to select an insurance type and you must leave a deposit of 5500 RMB. After that you will sign the rental agreement and the car is yours.

This type of service is still at the beginning in China and there are many problems which can appear. For example, you can find out that the car you rented is not available anymore and that the price is different when you get to the agency. If you get the price over the phone you will discover that is has no additional charges included, like the Shanghai Insurance.

You can also go to an international rental company as they are offering much better service.

Getting a personal driver

There are many tourists and expatriates that think driving in China is too much of a trouble and they hire a personal driver. The drivers have a reasonably priced and they can be rented long-term. So, when you are at the rental company’s office you can ask for a chauffeur-driven car. You can rent a driver by the hour or by the day.

Local vs. international agencies

Some international renting companies have offices in China and they offer a much better service quality then the local agencies. But if you are not able to go to an international company then choose a local company that has international experience.

No gratuity necessary

Tipping the driver is not a custom in China. You will have to pay the extra fees if you have to and not bargained for it.

Urban driving is a hassle

China has many bicycles. Shanghai has about 6 million bicycles and 20 million people and driving can be a hassle so the driver is helping you with that.

Some services may not be included

In China “you get what you pay for.” Unlike the Western companies they do not give extra service. The additional services like some language interpretation, introductions to local points of interest must be paid for. You can look for more information online and enter the companies’ websites for more information on this subject. If you have all the information it will be easy to rent a car in Shanghai.

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