Miami reminds me of sunny beaches and also of people with a lot of style. Limousines can be seen there all the time. People book them when they have business affairs or special occasions. Tourists also book them if they want to see the city and experience the Miami style.

But how do you get the right limousine service?

One of the first things you have to do, before renting a limousine, is to think about the event. For example, if you are renting a limousine for a birthday party with your friends you may want different cocktails in the bar and special music. If the limousine is for a wedding, then the color has to be white. You also need to discuss a lot of details before renting a limousine and you can not call and have the limousine outside in 5 minutes time.

So, as a first important rule, always talk to the limousine service about all the details. Make sure you clarify all the things so that you are satisfied. Also, besides that, you need to take into consideration the number of people that are going to come. You need to choose the right limousine to fit them all. From personal experience, I can add that there will be more heads in the limousine than you initially counted. So, it is good to play it safe and if you have 10 guests rent a limousine to fit 13 or 14. This rule is almost always right.

Also, there is one very common mistake made by many people who are renting limousines. They try to not pay too much but still have a good limousine. But all the times when you are paying for a cheap limousine service, there is a good reason for that. The bar may not be filled with things or the car may be old. So think if you want that before renting. Surf the internet and see what offers are available so that you can have a good idea about the prices and do a price comparison.

Another thing that you should know is not to over bargain. Many Miami limousine services will hang up on the person if the person is bargaining too much. Sure, the person is willing to negotiate a little but do not go overboard with it. Just to get an idea on things, usually you can pay around 10 dollars for one more for a new model. It can also go up to 15 dollars per hour, depending on the conditions and on the season period.

Also, the limousine services hate it when the person reserves a limousine and he does not show up for it. Also, when the person is booking the limousine they are also paying for the hours when the chauffeur is waiting. For example, if you are going in a club and staying there for 3 hours, you will pay for those 3 hours. The driver can not go home with the limousine and then come back when you call. He will wait for you till you come out of the event. The parking tolls are also included in the bill. So, if you are thinking of canceling a booking, do it way before the time has elapsed.

The last minute cancellations are also on the bill 2 hours prior for sedans, and 2 weeks prior for stretch limousines in many Miami limousine services.

So, as a last conclusion, you must never be afraid to ask anything you may think about. Miami limousine service people like it when you do that and they will provide you with all the information you need.

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