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When you step down from a long business flight, the first thing you need is a place to relax and be comfortable; and the last thing you need is to stand in a queue to get hold of a cab. People nowadays need to travel a lot for work. Even when they are going on a vacation with their toddlers or elderly people, the thing which they need most is convenience. And that’s one of the main blessings that hiring a luxury private car shall bestow you with.

If you want a comfy mode of transportation to take you to and fro the airport, well there’s nothing better than hiring luxury airport transfers in LondonTake Jag will ensure that you travel in luxury with chauffeur driven ease. They will make sure that your journey to and fro the airport is hassle-free and relaxing. This is the fastest, safest, and most cost-friendly service; and though, most people have faith in the myth of public cabs being the better option, we will tell you why it’s just the opposite. There’s plenty of reason and evidence of private car services taking the title, and you will soon see why.

Why are airport transfer services better than cab services

From outstanding customer service to experienced chauffeurs to luxurious fleet, any well-known luxury chauffeur service in London has it all. It’s undoubtedly the better option when it comes to airport transportation, but you need not take our word for it. We will jot down plenty of factors, and reasons and take on the role of a myth buster. Read on to have a better idea of what are we even talking about.

  • Punctual: With a private car service, you can expect the car to be there at least 15 minutes before the specified time. With cabs, you have to wait till you get your hands on one. Even if it’s an Uber (or any other app cab), you may have to wait a bit, especially if it’s far away. Also, you can pre book your private car, so that you need not worry about flights at odd hours of the day (or night).
  • Drivers: Luxury private car services screen their chauffeurs quite thoroughly before giving them the job. There are rigorous interviews, while cab drivers may not go through such strict background checks. So, private car services are much safer.
  • Professional attitude: Full-time pro chauffeurs understand the customer’s priorities quite well, and will know exactly when to respect his client’s privacy and when to engage in a conversation. But cab drivers have no idea whether his customer wants to talk or be left alone.
  • Cost-efficient: You might think that cabs are more cost-efficient than private cars, but in reality they are not. Private cars follow a flat-price policy and you know well in advance how much the service is going to cost you. Cab drivers on the other hand may haggle for prices, and overcharge you depending upon the time of the day, traffic conditions etc.
  • Customer satisfaction: Yes, luxury airport transfer services take their customer feedbacks quite seriously. You can call up their customer representatives if you have any questions, queries, or issues with the service. You can’t do the same with a cab ride and nobody cares even if the driver misbehaves.
  • Comfort: And of course, a luxurious fleet is any day more appealing than cabs. They are modern, new cars, clean, properly maintained and offer such facilities that you won’t even feel the jetlag creeping in. We can’t say the same about public cabs though.

So, these were some of the many reasons that you can consider for hiring an airport transfer service before flagging down a taxi. It’s basically comfort, convenience and a headache-free ride before or after a long flight.


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