It is held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in September and its duration is ten days. The festival starts the Thursday after Labor Day or for Canada the first Monday of September. Up to 400 flicks are premiered at different venues in downtown Toronto on twenty-three screens. It’s an important film festival, which began in 1976 at the Windsor Arms Hotel. Can’t you see people arriving in classic limos? Can’t you see them driving up in style to this historic hotel? According to Robert Ebert its just as great as Cannes, though the latter is bigger.

It has lessened its attention to independent films to a degree because it has started to give more consideration to mainstream movies. In the beginning it was a festival that showed films from other festivals held in various countries. Through moneyed promotion by investors, organizers, and sponsors it has become an important part of influencing people’s taste for Hollywood films, though it still shows films from Asia, Africa, and South America. It still highlights cinema from Canada and individual directors. The best way to highlight your arrival is in an exceptional limo like a stretch.

This year it will be held from September 4th –September 13th. Chris Knight writing in The Ampersand says that this year’s festival will begin with a bang. He explains the opening-night movie is Passchendaele, which is situated in Calgary in a military hospital and on WWI battlefields. The Canadians won a major battle at the Third Battle of Ypres. Whether you are arriving at the premiere of this fantastic historical love story or the other great films a limousine ride will be luxurious and classy. You will arrive like the crème of the crop.

It is written and directed by Paul Gross and he stars in it. The co-stars are Caroline Dhavernas, Joe Dinicol, and Gil Bellows. The director wanted to make this film because of the stories about the war that his grandfather told him.

In May the RBC became the official bank for the Toronto International Film Festival Group. Jennifer Tory, the RBC’s Regional President of the Toronto Region said that the TIFFG made a great contribution to Toronto’s economy. You can make a big impression, when your cruise up to see the films in your limo.

That’s what a gorgeous limo can do for you. It also symbolizes financial power that will be transferred to your image if you arrive in the right car. You can see it in your mind’s eye and you know you like the grand idea of arriving like the stars. Maybe you want to meet someone you can cut a deal with at the film festival. After the show, you can invite this VIP out for a late dinner and escort your prize to your limo to go to your destination.

It’s up to you, but you do want to put your best ride forward for that date your taking to the Toronto International Film Festival. Don’t you? You got one chance to make that important impression whether for business or personal affairs. Make the right choice. It’s your future.

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