How Long is a Limousine?

When it comes to limousines, size does matter. A typical stretchy limousine is usually around 30 feet long, with a stretch of 10 feet. Smaller limousines are usually 70-80 inches in length, providing enough space for passengers to enjoy bench seats, a bar area and plenty of legroom. Despite its size, these limousines come with a variety of quality features.

These smaller limousines are designed for smaller parties and can come with one or two TVs and captain's chairs instead of bench seats, depending on the model. Comfort is key when it comes to these vehicles, as they can fit a limited number of people. The length of a limousine can vary greatly. The 4-seat version of the 1972 Lincoln Continental was 22 feet long, while stretchy limousines can reach up to 33 feet in length (depending on state and local laws).

There was even a special car that was 100 feet long and included a hot tub! The Chrysler 300 is one of the most commonly used stretchy limousine models, with an extension of 140 inches.