Where is the World's Longest Limousine Now?

The world's longest limousine, The American Dream, has been restored to its former glory and is now on display at the Dezerain Park Orlando Auto Museum in Orlando, Florida. According to the Guinness Book of Records, this super limousine measures an impressive 30.54 meters (100 feet and 1.50 inches).The American Dream is a sight to behold. It has 26 wheels, a large waterbed, a swimming pool with a springboard, a hot tub, a mini-golf course and a helipad - all of which make it an incredible feat of engineering. To put it into perspective, if you put 12 smart cars in a single row, the super limousine would take even longer. The American Dream was designed and built by Jay Ohrberg in the mid-1980s in Burbank, California.

After years of attending shows and making traffic growl every time it approached a public road, the 100-foot-long limousine was put away and fell into disrepair. However, it was recently purchased by car collector Michael Manning who had it restored and certified by the Guinness World Records. The limousine is now located next to the collection of unique and classic cars at the Deeren Park Car Museum in Orlando. Manning is considering electrifying the car, which would involve 26 electric motors and make it the largest electric vehicle in the world. The American Dream is an incredible feat of engineering that has earned its place in the Guinness World Records as the longest car in the world. It is an impressive sight to behold with its waterbed, swimming pool with a springboard, jacuzzi, bathtub, mini-golf course and helipad. Technically speaking, this elastic limousine is made up of two different parts joined together by a hinge system that allows it to take turns (imagine a three-point turn in this car).