The History of the Limousine: From Horse-Drawn Carriages to Luxury Cars

It wasn't until Woodrow Wilson traveled in a chauffeur-driven car that the limousine was used to transport important people. The first limousines for cars originated in 1902, less than two decades after the invention of the first practical car. It is said that the separate and covered compartment of these first engine-powered limousines in which the driver sat resembled a cape worn by the inhabitants of the French region of Limousin, which gave rise to the word “limousine”. To this day, we have maintained the concept of a limousine with a driver separated from the passengers.

This partition also allows passengers who are partying in the back of limousines to legally consume alcohol. From then on, wealthy passengers would sit inside an enclosed carriage while the rider sat outside, wearing a cape of “limousin” as he whipped horses for long, lonely nights. Soon after, the first colorful limousines appeared, with full music and video equipment, a minibar and a refrigerator. Nowadays, limousines are still used to transport the rich and famous, but they are also designed to transport much larger numbers of people.

A customer can choose to rent a limousine that fits the occasion for which they are renting it, not to mention unparalleled comfort. Nowadays, many industries that provide transportation services use limousines to provide exquisite service to their loyal customers and attract others. The first hint of the limousine concept dates back to the 1700s, although they're nothing like what many of us think of when we hear the word “limousine” today. The limousine has a history even before cars were invented and the first stretched limousine for cars dates back nearly 100 years.

With the advent of cars, the first motorized limousines appeared to replace horse-drawn carriages. People can choose to rent a limousine for school, sporting and social events, summer camps and more. But what is the origin of the first elastic limousine? The varied interiors allow you to rent a limousine for business meetings, social gatherings, weddings, trips to clubs or other forms of luxury entertainment. Nowadays, hiring a limousine service is a great option for anyone who wants to travel in style, especially if you're planning to have a drink. Therefore, the origin of limousines is based on incorporating protection for the driver who remembered the layers of these peasants.

In this line, classic brands have developed impressive luxury limousines with cutting-edge technology, such as the Rolls Royce Phantom, which has Apple CarPlay devices, Bang & Olufsen premium sound, extreme connectivity and ambient lighting system.